Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Splurge or Save?

I was doing my usual "online window-shopping" (as i like to call it) the other day, when i found these beauties on forever21.com. I nearly fell to my knees in excitement when i noticed a striking resemblance to the Jeffrey Campbell 'Swansong' that i have been swooning over for months. Since the print of the JC's is so unique and colorful, i felt apprehensive spending the money wondering if i would ever find an outfit to pair with them. I couldn't believe it, these wedges are almost identical and only 30$! Talk about a steal! I have to get them. & if anyone asks, oh yeah of course they are the originals! hehe ;)
(From top to bottom: mustard floral wedges & black floral wedges-f21, red floral & multicolored black-Jeffrey Campbell)

Check the F21's out here!

(photos via Forever21 & google images)