Thursday, March 31, 2011

Packing for Palm Springs!

Almost finished packing for my getaway to Palm Springs this weekend! My family and i will be leaving early tomorrow for a fun 3 day trip in the desert. It is supposed to be a scorching 90+ degrees, perfect for lounging by the pool and getting my tan on! :)

Here are a few pictures of outfits that i have planned out:
(The pictures are unfortunately not very clear though because my new camera has still not arrived!)
 (Blouse: LF, Shorts: Vintage Levi cutoff's, Necklace: Nordstrom, Sandals: Old Navy)
 Snagged this summery one-shoulder dress for 20$ at f21!
(Dress: F21, Wedges: Jeffrey Campbell)

 Love the vintage feel of this crochet lace dress, perfect beach cover up.
(Dress: H&M)
 (Button up tank blouse: Heritage)
 Can't wait to wear my Mikoh bathing suit for the first time!
One picture of two suits out of about 6 that i am bringing. haha i like options ;)
(Cheetah suit: Victoria Secret, Aztec print bikini & Cross-back top: Both Ripcurl) 

So i won't be able to post while i am gone, but i will be back Monday with some photos!
Have a great weekend,

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Even castles made of sand fall in the sea, eventually

Life has been so crazy and hectic lately i have hardly had any time to even stop and catch my breath! Everything is changing and i'm still trying to decipher if it is for the better or worse. I'm hoping for the best and trying to keep my head held high. I know god is only giving me these tasks because he knows i can handle them. But sometimes i want to shout "Why do you trust me so much?!". I know it's all part of this crazy plan, but i wish someone told me it was going to be this hard! 
As silly as it is to say, i'm not even sure if i want to grow up just yet. (Even more than i am now haha). There are some days when i think back to when i was younger and everything was so careless and free. If only everything could still be that easy!

Okay, enough with my ranting. I hope everyone is having an amazing week and hopefully an amazing weekend as well! I am so excited to say that i spent my money on something useful and finally ordered myself a camera! I am hoping to pick it up this friday morning before i will be heading out to Palm Springs with my family for the weekend. Even though it is pricey, i think it will be well worth it :)
Here is a picture of the camera i chose!
Canon Esos Rebel XSi or Canon 450D
Can't wait to share all the pictures i will be taking with it!
Have a great night :) 

Sunday, March 27, 2011


LOVE this tutorial by Dree Hemingway. The photos look and feel so romantic and whimsical. And not to mention, the outfits are amazing. My favorite is the ombre long-sleeve dress. gorgeous!

(Photos via Studded Hearts)


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Fever

So tell me when you hear my heart stop,
You’re the only who knows
Tell me when you hear my silence 
There’s a possibility 
I wouldn’t know 

Know that when you leave 
Know that when you leave 
By blood and by mean 
You walk like a thieve 
By blood and by mean 
I fall when you leave 

Thursday, March 24, 2011


A few months back, I stumbled upon this gorgeous watch by Michael Kors. I have a love for everything tortoise, and i was dying over how classically beautiful it was. Since i had at the time recently purchased a Juicy Couture watch for myself, i decided it best to not throw down the $250 bucks for it. So when i came across this very similar piece at Nordstrom while shopping last weekend in San Fran, i had to have it!
While it has it's differences, (mainly that it is of course not made as well as the Kors) i loved that it was not only tortoise like i had wanted, but that it had rhinestones. I'm a sucker for anything that sparkles. But the best part about this little watch was it's price tag. It cost me only $18 dollars, such a steal! 

What do you think you would have done, save or splurge?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

San Fran

 (First night in San Fran! Went to Vanessa's sorority party that was themed old Mafia Wedding. My outfit was very last minute since my suitcase was teeny tiny but i wore this glitter headband, flowy white blouse, high-waisted black knit skirt, lace tights, and black cutout wedges. Our outfits were based on vintage flapper costumes!)
 (In the Castro! This street is just a few blocks from the university, and is dedicated to Harvey Milk)
 (Love the look of these old homes!)

 (View from the Cheesecake Factory which was located on the 9th floor!)

(Blurry, but this is the sign for the entrance of her school!)

Sorry for the absence! I was in San Francisco for the weekend and got back late Sunday night. The past few days have been very rough on me. Lets just say i have not been having the best of luck! After my 3 and a half our delay i finally arrived San Fran. I thought things would only get better from there but i was unfortunately wrong. I ended getting really sick on Saturday morning leaving us restricted to the school the majority of that day. I felt like a total party pooper ruining all the fun. So all these pictures except for the first were taken on my last day there. It was a lot of fun nevertheless though, & I would go back in a heartbeat! When i got back from my trip though, i was greeted with some very difficult news. I know i should only take it as for the better; but things have been hard. I'm taking everyday one step at time and hoping the worst is behind me.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

(Wearing: Sweater-UO, top-Nordstroms, Black skinnies-Joe's Jeans, Purse&Combat booties-Steve Madden, Sunnies-H&M)
These are some pictures from last night when i slept over at my sister's house in Encinitas. Don't let the sun fool you though! The weather was beautiful out, but definitely chilly. So i threw on this outfit before heading out. We had a fun afternoon wandering the town looking in some cute boutiques and vintage stores before grabbing a bite to eat. We took the short drive after shopping over to Las Ola's mexican restaurant for dinner. They have some of the best mexican food i have ever had! All of the ingredients are prepared fresh and are delicious. We snacked on their famous chips and salsa before getting out entrees. For my meal, i enjoyed a yummy taco plate consisting of two soft tacos; one chicken, one carnitas, and mexican rice and black beans. AMAZING. If you are ever in the area, you have to come here. And the best part about the restaurant is it is located directly across from the beach! So after eating, we took a little walk in the sand before heading back home. Hope everyone else had a fun day as well!

I am leaving early tomorrow morning for San Francisco to visit my best friend at school and i am so excited! I will not be bringing my lap top, so i will be unable to blog while i'm there. But i will be back home Sunday and will share some cute pictures of my trip :)
Have a great weekend!