Saturday, February 26, 2011

Birthday surprise!

This past thursday was my boyfriend spencer's 19th birthday and these are a few pictures (taken with my phone so they are not of the best quality) of the gift i gave him! Last week had been both hectic and exciting, trying to plan out the perfect birthday present. After being together for three years i have somewhat run out of ideas on what to give him, without repeating any gifts. I have always loved going all out on presents to make sure he has a special day, and i didn't want this birthday to be any different. After lots of debating i finally decided what to give him and i think it was a success!

Here is a list of what is inside the basket:
  • Striped T-shirt from RipCurl
  • $50 Vans giftcard for new shoes
  • Stance socks to go with new shoes--sounds strange but seriously best socks around!
  • Variety of gluten free snacks (because he is now gluten free!) including hard candies, peanut butter cups, chips, pretzels, and beef jerkey!
  • Funny card with a picture that looks like my crazy cat that loves spencer

I can't take credit for the wrapping though--my sister should be a professional wrapper, she is amazing. Even though it is somewhat hard to tell without having seen it in person, it looked awesome!
And today we took a trip to the mall so spencer could pick up his new shoes :)

Hope everyone is enjoying their saturday!
xoxo, Rachael