Saturday, March 12, 2011


I've always had a love for crystals, so when i came across the jewelry line by Gia Bahm called Unearthen, i instantly fell in love. Each crystal is housed in an empty bullet, giving the contrast of old and new. I found the concept behind the jewelry to be beautiful. As described, “It is possible that most Unearthen pieces have already chosen their bearers. The uniting of the crystal and empty bullet creates a powerful opposition, causing old dreams and new beginnings to fall upon its bearer. For this reason, the stone with the right properties for your needs will inherently attract you.” Not only are the pieces beautiful, they each carry distinct characteristics. The first crystal i was drawn to was the raw amber colored amethyst. It's properties are said to "Bestow creativity and courage, provides trust in one's decisions, and can provide strength." Love that!

What is your favorite?
(Variety of sizes all encased in bullet fragments)
(I love the look of the raw crystals, not one perfect or two alike)
(Close up of three medium sized crystals. Love the mixture of green and fushia)
(The rich, vibrant hue of the ruby crystal and the fire tip Citrine are two of my favorites)
(I had to show you the packaging, how darling is that? Each crystal arrives in this delicate wood box with the crystal placed inside a vile. The concept reminds me of a fairytale for some reason)

You can check out more of the line here!

Have a great saturday!