Tuesday, March 22, 2011

San Fran

 (First night in San Fran! Went to Vanessa's sorority party that was themed old Mafia Wedding. My outfit was very last minute since my suitcase was teeny tiny but i wore this glitter headband, flowy white blouse, high-waisted black knit skirt, lace tights, and black cutout wedges. Our outfits were based on vintage flapper costumes!)
 (In the Castro! This street is just a few blocks from the university, and is dedicated to Harvey Milk)
 (Love the look of these old homes!)

 (View from the Cheesecake Factory which was located on the 9th floor!)

(Blurry, but this is the sign for the entrance of her school!)

Sorry for the absence! I was in San Francisco for the weekend and got back late Sunday night. The past few days have been very rough on me. Lets just say i have not been having the best of luck! After my 3 and a half our delay i finally arrived San Fran. I thought things would only get better from there but i was unfortunately wrong. I ended getting really sick on Saturday morning leaving us restricted to the school the majority of that day. I felt like a total party pooper ruining all the fun. So all these pictures except for the first were taken on my last day there. It was a lot of fun nevertheless though, & I would go back in a heartbeat! When i got back from my trip though, i was greeted with some very difficult news. I know i should only take it as for the better; but things have been hard. I'm taking everyday one step at time and hoping the worst is behind me.


  1. i was also in the bay this weekend!! looks like you had fun despite getting sick :) have a great week!

  2. really?! what a coincidence! but thank you i hope you have a great week as well! :)