Saturday, March 5, 2011

We left our love in our summer skin.

As you can tell by several of my other posts, i think it's safe to say that i am ready for summer. Oh, and that i can readily admit that i have a shopping problem. (I guess i kinda forgot about the pact i made with myself about not buying everything in sight--oops) So in anticipation for my summer getaway, i have been doing some serious bathing suit shopping. I still have quite awhile, i know. But hey, better to get things accomplished in advanced right!? I'm not so sure if that should be aloud for shopping but that is my story and i'm stickin' with it! When it comes to getting ready for school in the morning, I have become somewhat careless and unmotivated. I think the idea of being confined to a dull classroom and having to do endless note-taking and studying has put me in a funk. And don't get me wrong, i love and have a deep addiction to clothes; but what i find to be one of the best parts about summer is that i can throw on a bathing suit and a cover up in a matter of seconds, and i am all set for the day. Effortless, simple, and comfy. 

So i wanted to share my purchase of some new suits for summer and vacation. I can't wait for it to start getting warmer so i can sport these little numbers at the beach.
 (And back of this coral ruffle bikini)
 (This cheetah print bandeau-love!)
 (These brazilian bottoms in cheetah print to match the cheetah top)
 (This neon watercolor twist bandeau, to pair with neon yellow bottoms)
(And this tie-dye twist bandeau to also wear with the coral ruffle bottoms)

Can't wait to get these all in the mail!!

Wishing you all a great weekend,

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  1. i really need to go swimsuit shopping. i love the first one with the ruffles!

  2. thank you! it's my favorite for sure :)