Monday, March 14, 2011

Simple & Chic

Today's look: simple chic
(Wearing: Black floppy hat & necklace-F21, white scoop tank-UO, high waisted skirt-Nordstroms, knock-off jeffrey campbells-H&M!)

Minimal, comfy, & cute!

Went to lunch today with a friend while the sun was still out and snapped these quick photos before leaving! Only one of my good friends has the same spring break as me this year; my boyfriend, my sister, and all my other girlfriends have theirs the week after. So unfortunately for the majority of my time off i have been spending it alone. Pretty exciting, i know. The transition out of highschool was a toughy for me-all of my friends went off to school while i opted to stay in town and go to a community college. I know i definitely made the right choice, for it would have been awful silly to spend thousands of dollars at a University while i am still finding myself and what i want to do. And unfortunately my situation-taking only a few classes and being extremely shy!-hasn't left much room for meeting any one new. But luckily school is nearing a close and i will once again be reunited with everyone :)

And my spring break won't be too uneventful after all; i will be escaping this weekend and venturing to San Francisco to visit one of my best friends at her college. I am both excited and apprehensive-I have never flown alone before and even though it is a short flight, (only 2 hours) i am a big baby when it comes to doing things by myself. I keep getting these visions of me getting lost in the airport and missing my flight. (I think i've seen to many movies!) I know i am only being silly and everything will go smoothly, and i can't wait to get a taste of what college will be like when i transfer!

Hope everyone is enjoying their monday!

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